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Commercial gas tank is a convenience system which supply LPG for business which require a large amount of safety & economy LPG to use.


Toan Phat is one of the very high experience in the field of consulting – designing & installing LPG tank Systems for not only factory, company, but also restaurants, schools, hospitals at Viet Nam. 

We specialize in: 

-         Construction and installation of commercial gas tanks
-         Maintenance & repair LPG tank.
-         LPG tank paint.

The commercial gas tank of Toàn Phát  meet a very high requirement of safe & economy thank to:

Sitting of the Tank:
-         The separation distance of the tank and building meet the requirements of standard distance to protect the people around the tank. We will check the distance carefully when the tank is first installed.
-         We must make sure the location of gas tank must be free of tree, fences, electric equipment, or any drain & gullies to protect the safe & save LPG in the tank.

Ventilation and conditions around the tankWe must ensure good air flow around the tank.
Tanker access: The design of the parking area for tanker supply should convenience & safety.
-        We always take care to the security of the tank carefully to protect the tank & people around them.
Tank vale & equipment:
-        We use the highest quality of  regulator valve and other LPG equipment which import from Japan, Korea, Germany, to guarantee the safety for the tank.

Toàn phát committed to bringing satisfaction to our customers through quality service and the most competitive price. We look forward to cooperate with more & more company in giving the best solution for install, maintenance & repair commercial LPG. Please contact Toan Phat Corp for the best support.

Call us now on (84 – 8)3 932 1125 or 0902 680 199 (Mr. Kien) for more details
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